Love makes the world go round. Love keeps us in happy places. Love of music makes every little thing make sense. It’s the beat that makes us nod our heads in rhythm. It is the words that make sense in our ridiculous situations. It is the words that resonate with our souls in the happiest of days and in the darkest of hours.

My love for music is wanting. I can’t begin to say how many times I have chosen a movie over a song. The movie has a song though so sometimes it’s a good trade off, not always. I cannot claim addiction to music as some would happily do. But I do know music is life. It got me through college. High school was a no-go zone for music. We never really had the luxury of having radios blasting our favorite beats. All there was were books, books and more books. In college I re-discovered music and my life healed a little. Rock music and R&B were my go to. I blast Rihanna’s Rehab for days on repeat when it came out. I was obsessed in an obsessive manner, with Rihanna’s songs- she got me, she spoke to my heart. I loved the dark doom black rock songs. Nickleback made so much sense to me in Photograph. I loved it. It defined my friends. I fell in the group of weird rock lovers just jumping up and down in the club when the favorites came on. That was the life. None of my roommates ever complained but I was close to a nuisance some days. I slow danced to Luther Vandross’ ‘Dance with my Father’ and buried my heart in Mary J Blige’s No one will love you like I do, because in college you are convinced life is just plain and the love you have is discovered and is bigger than the universe.

Years of change, hip hop rings in my ears. I now enjoy hip hop more. Only because I lingered too long on Twitter and got to follow Joe Budden, then I started following I’ll Name This Podcast Later usually with Joe, Rory and Melissa, then on episode 77 came the crazy cool guy- Mal, then I was totally hooked, so now I can’t even think of quitting Twitter or The podcast, which by the way has since been named. My affair with hip hop thus began. I listen to morning shows more than it is healthy, I follow hip-hop heads more than it’s healthy; the irony is that they follow me back. It’s like a code, a side nod, I see you, and you see me.  I read DJBooth more than is sane, and follow YOH’s writing too much it must be classified as stalking. I am contemplating on buying YOH’s book. I need to starve myself for a month to get it but well; you have to do what you have to do, so dammit, priorities.

Music just makes the world pop. It gives us comfort when we feel lonely, scared and alone. It feeds our souls with the drive, the drive for life. Hip-hop does one thing, though bossy and over confident, it never dwells on the sadness as much. Of course there are those songs full of cussing, some with no sensible message, and some full of disrespect, those I keep off. I have no business with them and they have no business with me. It’s been a journey, one with very many lessons and twists.

Express yourself, find your music, let it speak to your soul, let in consume you. Feel your soul with love, the love of music, of magic.


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